Trucks Without Shell

Heavy Duty – Pro II
Starting From $472truck racks heavy duty


 – Heavy loads

•1700 lb load capacity
•Strongest Available 2” steel tubing
•4 Heavy Duty Crossbars
•No Drill Mounting Option
Medium Duty – PRO III
Starting From $354
kargo master truck racks

Truck Rack – Medium loads

•1000 lb load capacity
•1 5/8” steel tubing
•Removable Rear Crossbar
•No drill Mounting Option
Aluminum – PRO IV
Starting From $799

•T-6 Aircraft Aluminum
•Eliminate Rust with the PRO IV
•Optional 4th Crossbar
•No Drill Mounting Option
Quick Pac Ladder Rack
Starting From $150 The Kargo

•250lb load capacity
•Adjustable Arm width
•Adjustable Arm angle
•Easily Removed
Crossover Truck  Rack
Starting From $295Kargo Master Congo Crossover Truck Rack
Truck Rack Accessories
Check out our HUGE selection of Quality Kargo Master Truck Rack accessories.