Quick Pac Ladder Rack

Quick Pac Ladder Rack 250LB. Cargo capacity  Yellow Zinc plates hardwareDrive your truck to a wedding today and the jobsite tomorrow. Sorry, you’ve gotta wash it yourself. But, the Kargo Master Quick Pac Truck Rack makes it easy to carry your stuff without detracting from the appearance of your rig. Upright supports remain permanently in place out of sight below the truck bed rails. The rugged 1 1/2″ square steel tube uprights are easily removed when not in use. The Quick Pack Ladder Rack is perfect for carrying ladders, kyacks, lumber and other light-weight rigid cargo.

Truck Ladder Rack – Rock solid 1.75″ square x .095″ upright support tubes remain attached, out of the way and out of sight. Uprights are removed and installed in seconds.


  • Nationwide lifetime frame Warranty
  • Adjustable arm width to accommodate loads up to 36″ wide.
  • Adjustable arm angle (Horizontal or tilted).
  • Uprights easily removable.
  • Superior corrosion
  • Not cutting required


  • 250LB. Cargo capacity
  • Big 1 ½ x .083” square steel tube frame
  • Yellow Zinc plates hardware
  • Nyloc self locking nuts
  • Zinc Epoxy undercoat
  • High gloss black marine grade powder coat
  • 1000 hours ASTM salt spray resistance



The Quick Pack Ladder Rack will fit all bed lengths from Full to Mini size trucks. However, this rack will not fit any type of step or flare side beds.

Part # 30090– Quick Pack Ladder Rack