Truck Racks for Dodge Dakota

Truck Racks for your Dodge Dakota Without Shell
Medium Duty – PRO III

Starting From $354

Kargo Master Medium-duty PRO III Truck Ladder Rack is perfect for the mini to full-size pick-up trucks.

Quick Pac Ladder Rack

Starting From $154

The Kargo Master Quick Pac Truck Rack is perfect for carrying light weight cargo, ladders, kayaks, and lumber.

Econo Ladder Rack

Starting From $102

Kargo Master Econo Ladder Rack provides the perfect solution for carrying long loads — from ladders to lumber.

Truck Racks for your Dodge Dakota With Shell
Top Mount – Pro III

Starting From $366

The Kargo Master Pro III Top Mount Ladder Rack is an excellent rack that mounts on top of all sizes/types of camper shells.

Econo Truck Rack

Starting From $255

Truck Racks Plus offers the Kargo Master Econo Truck Rack which fits all trucks with Cab High Shells. #30060 Mounts on truck bed rail.

Truck Rack Accessories

We offer a huge selection of custom Kargo Master accessories to make your job safer and easier. Shop today for your accessories.