Trucks Without Shell

Heavy Duty – Pro II
Starting From $472truck racks heavy duty


 – Heavy loads

•1700 lb load capacity
•Strongest Available 2” steel tubing
•4 Heavy Duty Crossbars
•No Drill Mounting Option
Medium Duty – PRO III
Starting From $354
kargo master truck racks

Truck Rack – Medium loads

•1000 lb load capacity
•1 5/8” steel tubing
•Removable Rear Crossbar
•No drill Mounting Option
Aluminum – PRO IV
Starting From $799

•T-6 Aircraft Aluminum
•Eliminate Rust with the PRO IV
•Optional 4th Crossbar
•No Drill Mounting Option
Quick Pac Ladder Rack
Starting From $150 The Kargo

•250lb load capacity
•Adjustable Arm width
•Adjustable Arm angle
•Easily Removed
Econo Ladder Rack

•500lb load capacity
•Mount in front or back
•No drill clamp on installation
•Strongest Available 2” steel tubing
Truck Rack Accessories
Check out our HUGE selection of Quality Kargo Master Truck Rack accessories.